Your donation will go directly to Syria Relief and Development to help Syrian refugees and victims of the war within Syria

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Two more cyclists have joined us on our quest to raise money for victims of the war in Syria-- Queen, from Thailand, an experienced trekking cyclist who will most likely be cycling from Brussels to Zagreb; and Gharam, from Syria, who wants to cycle from Istanbul to the finish line.

Meanwhile, we've raised over 200 bucks so far for Syria relief and development through crowdrise


...and we've got a fourth Crowdrise team member, Markus Mayer, who has also been generously donating.

We're still looking for intrepid, compassionate cyclists who want to cycle a 200-300 kilometer leg (or more) this summer or autumn, somewhere along this route:!join-the-syricipede/cmyd

And we're looking for those who'd like to join our fundraising team.
Just post a comment and we'll get in touch!

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