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Monday, January 20, 2014

Cycling to Syria-- Syricipede Update

'Cycling to Syria' participants Lien and Jasmine have been onboard for quite some time now, helping to organize the fund raising event to be held next summer and autumn. Not only will they be cycling some or all of the route, they have built a website which, though still under construction, lays out the basic necessary information for 'Syricipede'-- as the event is now called. The website can be found on this link:

         Brussels - Cologne : 1-5 Aug
         Cologne - Frankfurt: 6-10 Aug
         Frankfurt- Nuremberg: 11-15 Aug
         Nuremberg- Passau: 16-20 aug
         Passau- Linz: 21-22 Aug
         Linz- Graz: 23-27 Aug
         Graz - Maribor: 23 - 25 Aug
         Maribor - Zagreb: 28- 31 Aug
         Zagreb- Banja Luka: 1-4 Sep
         Banja Luka- Sarajevo: 5-9 Sep
         Sarajevo- Kraljevo: 10-15 sep
         Kraljevo- Sofia: 16-22 Sep
         Sofia- Plovdiv: 23-26 Sep
         Plovdiv- Edirne: 27-30 Sep
         Edirne- Istanbul: 1-6 Oct
         Istanbul- Izmit: 7-9 Oct
         Izmit- Eskisehir: 10-14 Oct
         Eskisehir- Ankara: 15-20 Oct
         Ankara- Aksaray: 21-25 Oct
         Aksaray- Adana: 26-31 Oct
         Adana- Reyhanli: 1-5 Nov
         Reyhanli- Antakya: 6 Nov

The dates are based on 50 kilometers a day, with an extra day on each leg for bad weather or other unexpected delays. 

Join us for a leg of the journey, or go the distance!

Or help victims of the war in Syria now by donating to Syria Relief and Development

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