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Monday, November 18, 2013

The New Plan:

Looking for intrepid, committed, compassionate cyclists to cycle any distance from 200 to 4500 kilometers, starting August 1st from Brussels, and finishing in Antakya, Turkey by the end of October, in a 'Cycling to Syria' relay to fundraise for victims of the war there. The route will be from Brussels to the Syrian border, passing through cities like Cologne, Budapest, Belgrade, and Istanbul. The idea is for cyclists to travel a leg of 200 or 300 kilometers-- for example, from Brussels to Cologne-- then to 'pass the baton' to the next cyclist or group of cyclists. This is NOT a race, but a fundraising project, so cyclists should expect to go only some 50-80 kilometers per day, depending on the terrain and weather. And of course, a cyclist can do more than one leg of the journey, including the entire distance. Cylists who are not actually cycling at the moment can help others who are on the road by raising publicity or finding them hosts along the way. If you would like to join the team, either to help organize or to do some cycling, contact me!
or, if you prefer, help victims of the war in Syria now by donating to Syria Relief and Development

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