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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Please Don't Donate

I may have made enough money to get all the way to Syria while I was working in Germany. This means that if you believe in what I'm doing, instead of donating to me (as so many of you did on my peace walk to Egypt) you can donate to International Rescue Committee by clicking right here:
or, if you prefer, you can donate to Polish Humanitarian Action,
 which is an NGO I have a personal interest in, as I had the opportunity to meet one of it's workers while in Antakya last March. 
Both of these NGO's are helping victims of the war in Syria. 
If you donate, you´ll be helping people who have experienced loss that is unimaginable to you or I. You will be helping them to survive and rebuild. Just ten or twenty euros to help someone survive; damn, I'd call that a privelege, having the means and the opportunity to do that.
If you don't donate, you'll contribute to helping me get into the 'Guiness Book of World Records' for the most kilometers cycled on a fundraising tour without raising so much as one cent. So far I've done about 2300 kilometers without raising anything, so I'm well on my way. Thanks.

After returning to Antwerp, I did a little cycling towards the coast and back with my old pal Inge VanHulle. We cycled and camped in the rain, just like old times. No snow though. Then I set off for a return to Brussels (to see another pal, another Inge) before heading towards Germany, where I am now, near Bonn. I'll be back in Neuhonrath in a couple of days, this time by bike, to earn just a little more money before heading southeast towards Frankfurt. Then it will be Vienna, Budapest... and on to Syria.

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